"Don't say another word. We have never

needed them to communicate with one

another. Whether it is an energy or an ancient

kinship between our souls, I'm not sure. But

whatever it is goes far beyond language.

Between us, even the silence is extraordinary.

Even the stillness speaks."


Beau Taplin


Hello! I'm 22 years old Nathalie Götzschel from germany.

Since my childhood I am obsessed with animals, art and everything creative.


When my parents got our dog Fina, my first mirror reflex camera moved in. I wanted to document her life in pictures and videos that I can look at when she is no longer there.

Short after I started this, it became my new passion, you were not able to get me somewere without my camera!

Back then I was still going to school and had no plan what to do with my life.

Later then, the wish to become a photographer/videographer was born.


Now I just started my business and hope I get to meet amazing people and their animals.


PS: Another dream of me is to start my vanlife and drive across the planet with my dog!

Hallo! Ich bin Nathalie Götzschel, 22 Jahre alt und aus Deutschland. Seit meiner Kindheit bin ich vernarrt in Tiere, Kunst und alles Kreative.


Als meine Eltern unseren Hund Fina holten, zog auch meine erste Spiegelreflexkamera ein. Ich wollte ihr Leben in Bildern und Videos festhalten die ich mir auch anschauen kann wenn sie nicht mehr ist.

Kurz nachdem ich damit anfing, wurde es meine neue Leidenschaft. Es war nicht möglich, mich ohne meine Kamera irgendwohin mit bekommen!

Damals ging ich noch in die Schule und hatte keine Ahnung was ich mit meinem Leben anfangen soll.

Später dann nahm mein Wunsch als Fotografin/Videografin zu arbeiten, gestalt an.


Jetzt habe ich vor kurzem mein Business gestartet und hoffe außergewöhnliche Menschen und ihre Tiere zu treffen!


PS: Ein weiterer Traum von mir ist mein Vanlife zu beginnen und mit meinem Hund um die Welt zu reisen!


Hello! I'm an australian shepherd and 5 years old. Born in the city Altenburg, (federal state Thüringen) in germany, I now live with my humans together in a tiny house in a little city.

When I first got into the family, I was meant to be the dog of them all. But thereupon I became Nathalie's, her "once in a lifetime" dog, mirror of her soul.


My being:

I'm very insecure and reactive so she has to protect me very often from other dogs or anything that scares me, also I bark a lot. :-D

And even if I have problems with everything thats moving or loud, like cars, fireworks, people, cats, wild animals or bicycles - she still loves me more than anything else in life.

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